A benefit of being an Official Supporters Club is that we can request match tickets on behalf of our members for City away games. The matches are often oversubscribed and we receive a restricted allocation of tickets.  Didsbury Blues operate our own branch loyalty points scheme to decide who gets these tickets (although those travelling on an official branch trip will get tickets ahead of those who travelling independently, regardless of how many loyalty points they have)

Our loyalty scheme has nothing to do with MCFC Ticket Points – it is designed to reward members who take an active part in the branch.



Points are awarded to members for a number of activities including:

  • Applying for tickets and travel for away games.  
  • Each home game travelled to and from with Didsbury Blues. 
  • Attending branch meetings
  • Attending committee meetings
  • Assisting with running the branch, including organising/stewarding travel, home and away.
  • Assisting with running the branch, including executive duties
  • Assisting with events to further the charitable and voluntary work of Didsbury Blues eg Didsbury Festival Volunteer, Christmas Lights Volunteer 
  • Additional points can be awarded for attending social events​
  • Points are not awarded to non members
  • Points are awarded to junior members




Points are collected by signing the “points” book before travelling to home games, or when attending meetings names must be printed clearly and nick names should not be used. Illegible names cannot be awarded points.
Points will automatically be awarded to travel season card members.
Points will be carried over but members who lapse their membership for more than a year will lose their points and have to rejoin the scheme from zero.
Disputes will be considered only if submitted in writing to the committee. The committee’s decision on any dispute will be final.
The committee reserves the right to withdraw, amend or edit the rules without referring the matter to the branch.

Normally points will be carried over for 2 seasons and the current season, all previous points will lapse.  


For the 21/22 season ONLY, as voted for at the AGM

Points can be accumulated for, this season – 21/22
The season where supporters could not attend games due to COVID will be ignored – 20/21
Points can be accumulated for the partial attendance season 19/20.
No other seasons will count.